About Us

At Connect Practical Solutions Limited NZ we focus on providing a ONE STOP SHOP service for local small businesses as well and large corporations. In current POST-COVID reality we have introduced preferential pricing and comprehensive service so you can restart your business. For details please check pricing section.


Our Hosting Service is based in Australia. Shared or Dedicated Server options are available. We take care of all the aspects of setup and maintenance. Systems are 99% uptime guaranteed. Regular backup and maintenance guarantees stable service.

Web Service Design

Dedicated systems on order: Websites, Business Management Systems, Payroll, Time Management, Online Shops, Forums, Blogs, Custom Service, Hosting Services, Other.


Commercial Photography, Printing Services (business cards, flyers, banners, other), Graphic Design, Online Advertising. We provide service in commercial space, focused on product photography for online shops and web services. We provide aerial photography if required. We operate in Real Estate market on request.

Our Pricing

*Christmas Promotion 2020*

All pricing are excluding GST

  • Basic Membership

  • NZD$99


  • Service setup
  • CPS Domain Name (T&Cs)
  • No SSL
  • DESIGN (including neccesery photography)
  • Gold Membership

  • NZD$249


  • Service setup
  • Domain Name
  • SSL certificate
  • DESIGN (including neccesery photography)
  • Subscription

  • NZD$29


  • Website setup
  • Service Hosting
  • Email (Only for Gold Members)
  • 7day Support
  • Labour

  • NZD$120

  • Custom orders
  • Updates/Changes
  • Additional Service
  • Product Photography

2020 Christmas Promotion

All new customers who signs up before the 1st of January 2021 will receive free basic membership or 50% discount on Gold Membership for entire 2021! In addition subscription fee is reduced to NZD$25 for entire 2021!

(all prices exclude GST)

All Plans Include

Reliable Hardware

Servers hosted in the data centre, 99% guaranteed uptime, Backups, Up to date software.

Search Engine Optimisation

The key wording and smart text placement in the web service allows for optimal search engine caching enabling you to be found more easily.

Cancel any time

There is no LOCK IN here, all subscriptions are on OPEN TERMS so you can cancel the service at any time. For more details check T&Cs.

7day Customer Care

We provide 8AM-5PM M-F support for all our customers. Emergency calls are serviced after hours. 7 days a week. 


99% Up Time Guarantee

Reliable service is required to run your service efficiently, 99% website up time will let you do it!

Monthly Data Back Up

All the servers are backed up monthly. Any changes introduced to your system will be backed up automatically. 

Our Services

We specialise in the web design, commercial photography, graphic design and printing, custom web based systems.

Shared Hosting

Included in standard pricing. 

Cloud Services

Storage, Business/Service/Project Management Systems, Other Services are provided in standard pricing. Limitations may apply. 

Dedicated Server

Provided on order, priced individually.


We provide one stop shop service model, commercial photography is available in relation to other serives. We cover product setup and marketing for you. Company events?..., no problem.

Website Development

Tamplated CMS service is provided in standard pricing. Custom systems are provided on order and priced individually. 

Printing and Design

Business Cards, Banners, Flyers, Car Magnets, other printing services. We provide Graphic Design in relation to listed.

Our Team

Lara specialises in graphic design, printing, photography and processing. With a keen eye for detail and 15 years in the field, customer satisfaction is her top priority. 

Marketing Director, Lara - email

Tara specialises in system administration, web design, networking, firewalls and commercial photography. With close to 17 years of experience you can expect solid service. 

Technical Director, Tara - email



Normal business hours are 8.00am to 5.00pm M-F. Dedicated technical support is available under custom arrangements.

For more details on custom services please get in touch. We are based in Silverdale, Auckland.


Address: PO Box 99, Helensville, 0840, Auckland

email: alerts@cpsphoto.biz


Lara, Tara mob:

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Landline: (64) 9 390 32 71